Outlaw Pottery Solutions

Supplier for Potters, Schools and Art Education Programs


Outlaw Pottery is a pottery supply company that sells clay, glaze, raw materials, tools and equipment, and kilns to potters, schools, glass artists and art education programs throughout the south. 

We are an authorized dealer of Laguna Clay Company, Axner, Miller Clays, Pacifica, Olympic Kilns, Skutt, Speedball, Larkin Refractory Bricks, Sherrill MudTools, Groovy Tools, Kemper, Bullseye Glass and more!  Through Laguna and Axner, Outlaw Pottery sells just about every brand for everything a clay or glass artist needs.

We are potters and teachers, so our distributorship is by artists for artists.  We don't warehouse millions of dollars of stock, so you don't pay for warehousing, credit costs or large amounts of staffing. We also believe that clay and glaze are at their best when they are fresh from the factory, not stored in a big warehouse for months getting rock hard.

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If you ever need anything immediately, we can order it for you and ship it to your door straight from the manufacturer for a direct shipping fee. Give us a call at 321-292-0762 or 828-896-3288 or email us for a shipping quote.

Outlaw Pottery is an authorized dealer for MudTools, innovative clay tools by North Carolina potter Michael Sherrill.  The complete line of MudTools is in stock and for sale at Outlaw Pottery.  We also stock Groovy Tools, Kemper tools, calipers, pottery starter tool kits, wood sculpture kits, synthetic and natural sponges, bats, and premium glazing brushes (an exclusive in our region!); as well as small amounts of earthenware clays and some of Laguna's most popular glazes in the retail section of our studio.  We believe fresh is best when it comes to clay and glazes, so we only keep a small amount clay and liquid glaze of those products on hand for "drop-in" purchases.

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If you are a hobby or professional potter who can not make it to our studio to shop during our studio hours, you may call us at 321-292-0762 to make an appointment to shop during the weekend.

Outlaw Pottery offers thousands of glazes, hundreds of clay bodies and thousands of tools, which can be ordered.  Come on by the studio to pick up a color catalog and see our clay sample board and glaze sample chips.

Save Money by Ordering Clay, Glaze, Raw Materials, Tools & Equipment with Outlaw Pottery

Kiln Sales, Repairs & Installation, Pottery Wheel Repairs

Jason Outlaw offers kiln and pottery wheel repair services throughout the state of Florida. You are welcome to bring your equipment to us or Jason, The Florida Kiln Doctor, can come out to your studio or school. 

Outlaw Pottery is an Authorized Dealer for...

Refractory Bricks

and Kiln Building

Groovy Tools



David’s Tools

Scott Creek Extruders, L&L, North Star, Brent, Lockerbie

Peter Pugger


Outlaw Pottery also sells and installs new kilns at your home or business.  Are you new to electric kiln firing?  When you buy your kiln from us we will teach you how to fire it and walk you through for your first few firings to ensure that you fully understand the process.

In addition to electric kilns, we also sell refractory bricks and components for gas brick kilns and wood-fired groundhog kilns.


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